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Flutes, Acoustic Guitars, Cello, Sarod, and Hang are some of the instruments used in Woods Whistling. Their sweet sound carry you in harmony into a lovely peaceful pastoral journey.
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Woods Whistling
Avi Adir

Woods Whistling

...This music sets your spirit on a tranquil magical journey, while it soothes your being in the present. Whatever you find yourself doing while you play this music, you will do it better...`` —Eva Kroes
...Avi Adir's new album Woods Whistling is truly music to my ears. The smooth sounds have a healing effect on your body and makes you wanna listen to it again and again. Great music also to use for meditation, yoga and massage...`` —Suzan Lodder
...This music takes me to another place. I want to stay there.. It eases my mind and fills me with an abundance warmth love and hope. The quality of this music is rare in this genre, it has nothing predictable in it. You can feel the musician knows how to listen.. he knows how to create music in every way. There's so many layers to loose yourself in. It doesn't feel produced, it's like entering another world, something beyond words, Something elevating in it. Im deeply impressed...`` —Laura Sestri
...This music makes it easy to let your mind drift to the foot of a hill overseeing the Sahara desert… or contemplating what life has to offer (or not) under a large tree just after sunset somewhere in a tropical country… or a beach at sunset. I just got the recordings and both my wife and me; lying on the couch of our own house in the Netherlands had no problem drifting away. Indian flute added with many delicate other instruments make this album the perfect mix to set your mind to peace...`` —Gerard van Dijk

If you ever longed for a pure instrumental relaxing album, Woods Whistling is the album for you. It will take you into the world of green woods, where time stands still. You will reach a feeling of eternal flow and ease.

“Woods Whistling” is a unique album with more then seventy minutes of tranquil acoustic instrumental music. Nine pure acoustic tracks, created especially for yoga, body work, meditation, and deep relaxation listening.

Flutes, Acoustic Guitars, Cello, Sarod, and Hang are some of the instruments used in this album. Their sweet sound carry you in harmony into a lovely peaceful pastoral journey.

If you like the flute sound of Hariprasad Chaurasia, Paul Horn, Chris Hinse, Omar Farouk, or Merkan Dede, you are going to love Woods Whistling. It has the same calm deep flowing melodies and sounds.

Woods Whistling takes you into the silence within you, reminding you of the beauty of the world you are living in.

An album you would listen to again and again for it’s tranquil mood, easy blissful melodies, and cozy sensual smooth sounds.

All tracks were recorded with the best sound equipment and had a professional studio mix and mastering with state of the art sound equipment, and were mixed and mastered in a professional studio to give you a pleasurable listening experience with your headphones and with your sound system.

  • Woods Whistling includes 9 songs with a total of over 70 minutes.
  • Woods Whistling is available on iTunes and other numerous online shops.
Woods Whistling, by Avi Adir